Detained Shan leader to ceasefire leaders : Say no to Convention Hkun Htoon Oo Detained Shan leader to ceasefire leaders: Say no to Convention 22 June 2007 S.H.A.NMembers of Shan Natio 租辦公室nalities League for Democracy (SNLD) who recently visited the border have confirmed that Hkun Htoon Oo, their leader who is bein 租屋g detained in Kachin State's Putao prison, is firmly opposed to the ceasefire group's further attendance of the junta-organized National 室內設計 Convention. "What do you expect?" he was quoted as saying. "Your proposals (in 2004) have all been turned down". He also urged them to stick to their princ 房屋二胎iples of democracy and self-determination. "I have no guns", he said. "But I wasn't afraid, because I was working to restore the Union not to destroy it. You have guns. 房屋貸款 Why should you be afraid?" With the Shan State Army "North" of Maj-Gen Loimao and Col Gaifah, he had pleaded that the two do not choose to become "another Tun Aye and Kyaw Zaw", two Shan politi 房屋二胎cians who were appointed respectively as chairman and member of Shan State Executive Council by Gen Ne Win following their declaration of support to the 1962 coup. According to Mizzima News, 21 June, several S 辦公室出租ino-Burma border based armed groups that have concluded a ceasefire agreement with Pyinmana, the new Burmese capital, are preparing to resist junta pressure to surrender arms following conclusion of the National Convention to 關鍵字廣告 be reconvened on 18 July. 13 ceasefire groups had on 9 June 2004 presented a wide range of power sharing proposals to the National Convention, which, among others, included separate constitution, concurrent legislative power, resid 系統傢俱uary power and a defense force for each state. The SNLD was the second largest winning party in the 1990 elections. It had won the most seats, 23, in Shan State. 個人信貸ion  .
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